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5th grade - 8th grade

Climbers choose bouldering and top roping projects that interest them to focus on each session in a supportive, yet challenging environment that encourages climbers to try hard and always be proud and kind to themselves and their bodies.



2nd grade - 5th grade

Climbers will learn new techniques each week, learn how to put on a harness, belay, and build perseverance and problem-solving skills through short- and long-term climbing goals.



Ages 3 - 1st grade

Facilitated by our coaches, Basecamp includes climbing practice, educational climbing puzzles, and games which will enhance gross motor skills and channel all that energy into a great physical and mental workout.



Clubs for ages 3-15

Reserve trained staff to belay your group on our 40’ top rope walls for 90 minutes, then have half an hour in our party overlook. Perfect for kids and adults alike!

parties & weekend groups

Groups & Parties

We offer special pricing for 501-c(3) non-profit groups. Treat your students or staff to a night of climbing and team-building with our trained instructors on our 40’ walls. 90 minutes of climbing and 30 minutes in our upstairs overlook included. Saturdays & Sundays from 1-3pm or 3:30-5:30 can be booked no later than one week in advance; all other times require a minimum of three weeks. Ready to reserve a time? Click below or email!

non-profit group events

The Rise Up Competitive Teams are for youth climbers looking to pursue his or her potential in a supportive but demanding environment. Climbers spend additional time and effort training as well as learning to effectively participate in sanctioned regional competitions and/or preparing to climb outside.

Rise Up Competitive Teams are divided into Elite and Advanced Categories. 

(Elite team is on an invite only basis)

Rise Up’s Elite level Competitive Team will have a clear emphasis on training and technique work that prepares climbers to be compete regionally and beyond

The Elite Team will have disciplined training following the USAC competition circuit schedule

Bouldering Season August - December

Ropes Season January - June

Elite Team Members will be expected to compete in at least one USAC Qualifying event per season

(Advanced Team has tryouts every 8 weeks)

Rise Up’s Advanced level Competitive Team will offer a more balanced schedule that gives youth climbers an opportunity to push their personal goals, compete, or climb outdoors

Advanced Team Members should be self motivated, want to progress, and work well on a team

Advanced climbers will have a more balanced focus between bouldering and routes throughout the season

Members of the Advanced team do not have any competition requirements, however; they are encouraged to compete at USAC events if they are interested.

If your child is interested in trying out, the general skill range can be found below:

7 - 9 years old Can Climb 5.9+ & V2

9 - 11 years old Can Climb 5.10a & V2+

11 - 13 years old Can Climb 5.10b & V3

13+ years old Can Climb 5.10c & V3+

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We know finding a supportive but demanding environment for active kids can be difficult. 




We offer holiday and one-day camps for ages 6-11 and week long summer camps for ages 4-7 and 7-14. Many of our camps cater to a broad range of experience levels, including those who have never rock climbed. Every camps features an introduction to a variety of climbing styles, tons of climbing games, challenges, and fun led by experienced instructors!

One-Day Camps are offered on schools holidays like Election day, MLK Jr. Day, and Memorial Day. 
Summer camps are offered in June and July.

Summers and holidays

Climbing Camp

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