Upcoming Events


Special Nights
Every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday

Save BIG $$$ on day passes, gear rentals and instruction on one of our 3 Special Nights!

Adult Climbing League
January 2019

Small teams will track progress and motivate one another to see who can improve the most over a 2 month period

Friendly competition, prizes, and GLORY await!

Youth Team
October 2019

Kids and teens are natural climbers, let our Youth Team hone their problem solving abilities, build confidence, and get into peak climbing shape


Guided Outdoor Program

Let our AMGA Certified Single Pitch Instructors take you out for a day on the rocks.

rgp outdoor photo.jpg

10 Minutes Is All it Takes to Get Started!

Whether you are a seasoned veteran or a new climber - we will get you climbing quickly!


Tokyo 2020

Indoor Rock Climbing will be in the Summer Olympics in Tokyo 2020!

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At Rise Up Membership Has It’s Benefits

Unlimited Climbing, Guest Passes, Discounts and much more!


Mountain Fit

Get ready to get SHREDDED