Never Climbed before?!

We will get you climbing in less than 30 minutes! No reservation - No Experience Necessary!


Autobelay (No Partner)

A piece of equipment that one climber can use to climb on the 40′ wall without the use of a belayer (partner). If the climber falls they are automatically lowered to the ground.

A short 10-15min orientation, and day pass is required for before using the Autobelay.

Top Roping (Partner Rqd)

A “Belayer” stands on the ground and takes the slack out of the rope as the climber climbs. Both are attached to the rope by harnesses – and the Belayer needs training prior to belaying.

We can teach you to belay through our Basic Skills Class that we teach on the spot (no reservation needed) in 30mins.

If you don’t want to use the Autobelays or Take Basic Skills - let our Staff members belay for you with:

Staff Belayer Option

Bouldering (No Partner)

Climbing on shorter 10-15′ walls without ropes. Bouldering is more intense climbing as the difficulty is packed into a shorter wall – it is also comparatively more dangerous than roped climbing – so we do not recommend it for brand new climbers. All you need to boulder is a day pass.

 Lead Climbing

An Advanced form of climbing where the climber (known as the Leader) clips their rope into protection points along the route. Leading is not required in Rise Up Climbing to climb on 40’ wall - but it is offered for those who know how to lead or would like to learn.

• LEAD TESTS - RESERVATIONS REQUIRED - EMAIL to set up an appointment


Additional Questions?

Send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as we receive your questions or concerns!

Call our Front Counter at 434 845 7625


Youth Age Restrictions

-Minors need a waiver filled out by a parent or legal guardian

-14 years and over to climb at the gym without adult supervision

-14 years and over to belay at the gym and use Autobelay without supervision

-16 years and over to belay a climber (or clip someone into the Autobelay) who has not passed our Belay Test/Taken Belay Test

-3 Years old and 30lbs is the youngest a child can roped climb and be in a harness

-Under 3 Years old is FREE