Question: “I’ve already been to Rise Up before - do I need to fill out another waiver?”

Answer: You only have to fill out a waiver for yourself or your child one time.

HOWEVER - It never hurts to be safe and just fill out the waiver if you are unsure or cannot remember if you have climbed here before. If you want to be sure (especially if you are dropping off a minor for a group or to climb on their own) give us a call at 434 845 7625 and a Staff Member can double check manually for you! No waiver = no climbing (no exceptions).

Question: “Do I need fancy climbing shoes to climb?”

Answer: You have to be wearing some sort of closed toed shoe to climb at Rise Up. Sneakers will work and do the job for easier climbs here. HOWEVER - rock climbing shoes will let you step on the smallest feet and are really required if you want to crack into the intermediate and harder grades.

Question: “Does a day pass come with rental equipment?” + “Does a membership come with rental equipment?”

Answer: Day Passes do come with a rental harness included. However you would have to rent shoes or chalk if you’d like them.

Memberships do not come with rental equipment. We do offer an “add on” for equipment HOWEVER after a month or two you’d be better off just springing for some shoes and a harness of your own from our gear shoppe.

Question: “What is the youngest and oldest age to climb?”

Answer: So technically there is no minimum age or maximum age for bouldering (climbing without ropes). HOWEVER to get on our roped 40’ climbing wall - the climber has to be minimum 3 years old AND at least 30lbs. Max weight is 330lbs.

For oldest age - consult your doctor if you are unsure or concerned about how rock climbing may effect your health and well being before engaging in such a strenuous activity. Staff cannot make this call for you.

Question: “Can my child be at the gym without me?”

Answer: Under 14 years old requires direct supervision by an adult when climbing. HOWEVER - during a team practice, party, or if your child is on our Youth Team - these are special circumstances depending on the climber/event where our staff will supervise them

Question: “Can I use this harness here, will you check it for me?”

Answer: Any type of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) cannot be “checked” by our Staff. HOWEVER we will prevent you from using gear that we deem is in poor condition or any nylon goods that are over 10 years old. For harnesses - if your harness is over 10 years old = retire it. Nylon degrades over time and both Black Diamond and Petzl require you retire it even if unused.

Question: "Do you all offer crack climbing?”

Answer: Sadly no we do not. HOWEVER we have 100 boulder problems and 70 routes on slab, overhung, and vertical walls. Check out our Outdoor Program and we will take you to the cracks!

Question: “Where is all the outdoor rock climbing around here?”

Answer: There is climbing as close as 5 minutes to Rise Up Climbing. Check out our Outdoor Program for different destination climbing areas that will give you the skills to facilitate outdoor trips on your own. AMGA Certified Instructors will guide you through specific classes or just take you out for a day of climbing.

Question: “What is a Top Rope Belay Test [and lead climbing] like at your facility?”

Answer: All of our tests which include Autobelay, Top Rope, and Lead - are practical in nature. For top roping our facility uses Grigri’s and pre-tied figure 8 knots. No need to tie in!

You will demonstrate you can perform a safety check, belay a climber, catch a surprise fall, and lower the climber.

For our lead test you will need to perform a safety check, belay a climber, catch a surprise lead fall, and lower the climber. The leader will have to demonstrate a back clip and then a z-clip on the ground and correctly fix it. Bring your own rope - or you can rent one from us for $6.00.

Question: “What is your mission and do you maintain industry standards"?

Answer: Rise Up Climbing is a member of the Climbing Wall Association.

Our Mission: “Help Individuals reach their full potential (and in doing so) turn them into life-long rock climbers who can experience the sport in an indoor and outdoor setting”

Do you have more questions? Use the form at the bottom of the page to get in touch with us!