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Summer Camp

We know the value of a smile at the end of the day. It’s a small reminder of why we teach kids climbing.

It’s because learning to climb is fun, and because it encourages learning general life skills that can be applied every day.

Our climbing camp doesn’t set out to make kids all-star rock climbers but rather, through climbing, helps kids find ways to…

  • Make good decisions

  • Solve problems

  • Act as team players

  • Learn respect for others

  • Enjoy physical recreation and the outdoors, and

  • Do something healthy for their growing bodies

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Winter Camp

Rise Up’s five-day camp introduces children to rock climbing,. The camp takes place at our indoor facility where we spend all five camp days. The gym allows us to control the climate and the climbing thereby enhancing the learning atmosphere and ensuring that each child receives all the attention, guidance, and instruction they need.

A brief look at the week’s exciting activities for campers:

  • Participate in group team-building games to encourage trust

  • Identify each child’s needs and goals

  • Instruction in the basic skills of top roping

  • How to contact, the climbing surface

  • Learn movement skills used for climbing

  • Gain basic knowledge of geology

  • Have fun climbing!