Pro Training Camp to Boost Your ABS Performance Offered

Competitive Youth Climbing Camp

Spend the weekend with us and get a head start on the fall season

The authors of The Self-CoacTeam _16 copyhed Climber and long time climbing coaches offer a three day, 16 hour camp for young competitive climbers with a focus on preparing for the upcoming 2015 ABS season.

Know yourself: Coaches’ video assessment of your movement skills. Video is the most powerful tool available for understanding the timing, structure and mechanical efficiency of climbing movement. We’ll video you on a number of climbs and send it to you with movement analysis and suggestions.

Planning ahead: Make fewer sequencing errors. Failure to recognize and then execute a workable sequence often causes an early fall on what would otherwise have been a successful competition attempt. Learn to quickly see sequences from the ground and make fewer, further attempts.

Build strength: Safe and effective conditioning for increased strength and power. Conditioning is a growing part of youth climbing program, but in many cases the conditioning is not sport-specific, or truly effective for climbing. For the first time, we are presenting brand new, sport-specific conditioning methods for climbers that increase strength and power while reducing the likelihood of certain injuries.

Build endurance: Anaerobic endurance for bouldering. The competition format of 4 minutes on and 4 minutes off makes specific physiological demands of climbers necessitating high power output and fast recovery between efforts. Learn new training methods to enhance performance at bouldering competitions.

Outsmart your competitors: Tactics and movement for competition setting. Competition setting has changed significantly over the past few years becoming more technical, awkward, and dynamic and less and less like outdoor bouldering. We’ll give you hands on experience with a number of the most common competition moves used today and provide tactics and video analysis for completing these moves under pressure.

The way forward: Your personal road map for improvement. At the end of the third day the coaches will provide you a detailed personal guide, including video, to climbing performance improvement for you and your coach.SunRain Intro-01

When: August 7 – 9

    August 7, noon to 5 pm assessment
    August 8, 9 am to 4 pm sequencing, building strength, and setting tricks
    August 9, 9 am to 3 pm endurance workouts and personal recommendations


Price: $199 / participant, limited to the first 15 applicants.

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5 Reasons You Never Thought of for a Climbing Birthday Party

0130 copy“Get down from there! You’ll hurt yourself!” 

Have you ever said that to your children? It could be furniture they were climbing… a tree… the dog. Don’t be ashamed, it’s a natural reaction to what you perceive to be a dangerous situation. But what if you didn’t have to say it? What if, for just a couple hours, you could give your children and their friends the gift of freedom to satisfy eons-old ancestral urges to reach higher?

Well, here in Lynchburg, you can—and it’s surprisingly easy when you give your children a birthday party they’ll never forget. You’ve probably heard all the standard reasons. A rock climbing birthday party is affordable. It’s unique. Climbing builds confidence and self esteem. But here are 5 more reasons for the best birthday party ever—and we bet you never thought of them.

  1. Climbing is inclusive! Far from the standard physical activities in which kids normally take part, climbing has a way of turning competitors into teammates. It’s almost magical the way kids in your party will naturally start to share tips and cheer each other on.
  2. Climbing exercises a whole other set of muscles. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve seen kids who aren’t as athletically inclined as their friends excel far beyond what they thought was possible when climbing. This is because climbing engages a whole new set of muscles—and more importantly, entirely new areas of the brain.
  3. Climbing satisfies an ancestral urge. Long ago, climbing was simply part of peoples’ lives. Check out the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde, for example, where the ability to climb meant safety. Tying into a 3000-lbs. strong rope and letting loose on a climbing wall taps into something that adults don’t tend to feel anymore.
  4. At Rise Up, our climbing birthday parties are more than just clip-and-go. Our instructors are experts at reading your group and adapting your party on the fly so that it builds on their natural interactions and inclinations. In this way, every climbing birthday party we host is unique. It’s like a party customized for your kids.
  5. Your kids might just find their callings. Team Rise Up, our junior climbing team/club is filled with kids who first felt the elation of rock climbing at a Rise Up birthday party. These kids look forward to practicing and climbing once or twice a week. Then, each night as they lay in bed dozing, odds are they’re thinking of climbing challenges and successes, rather than video games and Snapchat.
  6. BONUS Reason: Climbing is, at its heart, problem solving. Each climb presents a challenge—a sequence of hand and footholds that must be unlocked to be solved. It is simply… engaging. Some might say engrossing. And if ever there were an important life skill to acquire, isn’t it that?

A climbing birthday party is affordable. It is unique. And climbing does build confidence and self esteem. But those represent only a fraction of the reasons why a climbing party is a great idea. Take into account those reasons you normally might not consider, and all of a sudden a climbing birthday party begins to a look a lot like the best gift a parent can give.

Get more info on Rise Up climbing birthday parties.


How Precise Is Your Footwork?

SunRain 3-01Okay, hypothetical situation: you’re on your first redpoint burn of the evening on a climb our devious route setters seem to have placed upon the wall for the sole purpose of tormenting YOU. (Of course, that never actually happens, wink wink. It’s hypothetical.) These hypothetical setters are so devious, in fact, that you begin to think maybe it’s time to toss this round into the “learning bin.” Your feet are shaky. Your forearm muscles feel like they could tear your skin open. Suddenly, you can’t hold on any longer. Your elbows point skyward like an all-you-can-eat wing buffet, and 3… 2… 1… you’re gone. Back on the ground, you begin the engaging process of solving this puzzle. What went right? What went wrong? What can you change right now to help you nail it on your second go?

Well, how precise is your footwork? Do you pinpoint each placement with deadly accuracy or do you stab about, sometimes in desperation, looking for that perfect grippy spot?

We ask because foot precision isn’t just one of the most important skills a rock climber can possess. It’s at the top of the list, and here’s why. (Warning: math.) Let’s say the climb has 40 footholds you’ll use. Let’s further say that it takes you 3 seconds each time you place a foot. That’s 120 seconds of foot placement altogether.

What if you could control that number, bringing it down to, say, 2 seconds per foot. That’s 80 seconds total—a difference of 40 seconds. Do you think an extra 40 seconds clinging to handholds at your climbing limit makes the difference between a send and, “Oh well, better luck next burn?” Yes, indeed. It sure does.

Foot precision is just one of the paradoxically foundational AND apex climbing skills we teach in our cutting edge climbing movement class, Fastrack 1. Designed by our very own Dan Hague, co-author of the definitive climbing-movement book The Self Coached Climber, Fastrack does exactly what its name implies.

And as a matter of fact, we have a Fastrack 1 class starting Wednesday, September 10th, 7-9 PM. It runs 4 weeks straight on Sept 10, Sept 17, Sept 24 and Oct 1. Check here for more info, or stop by the desk and ask next time you’re in!